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Here’s an easy and dangerously addictive way to load up on carbs and dairy and that weird tarry stuff nobody outside the Commonwealth would dare touch. No matter if Marmite or Vegemite isn’t your thing, you could instead marry the cheese with pickle or chutney, bacon or ham.


Notes on… tahini

Its name in Iran, ardeh, means ‘holy food’ which demonstrates the love for tahini throughout the Middle East (though East Asia, too, likes a sesame paste). In the Middle East and stretching into the Eastern Mediterranean, tahini goes into dips and into sweets like halva as well as being used as a general condiment alongside grilled meat and fish. READ MORE

Hungry in Singapore


Here’s ten top places to get your fill…

1 Hawker centres abound but The Maxwell Centre, one of the biggest, is a good place to start your cheap eats journey. If being on trend is your thing, join the ever-long queue that snakes from the fragrant hatch of Tian Tian to get your Hainanese chicken rice fix. READ MORE

Great dishes – spicy cold fernroot noodles at Spicy Cuisine


From the starters/cold dishes selection at Spicy Cuisine, this gem of a noodle dish warms you up in an entirely different way from, say, a wonton soup. Served chilled, the noodles are cooked to slippery, al dente perfection. They swim languidly in a rust-red pool of sauce. In the sauce I can taste garlic, black vinegar, soy, shitloads of Sichuan pepper and maybe just the tiniest pinch of sugar. Fresh red chilli steps in to add more intense hotspots and coriander leaves and spring onion temper things a bit. It’s ma la* perfection.  READ MORE

Great bars – Satya Chai Lounge


As spring inched closer last year, whispers spread among locals and then further afield that the neighbourhood of Sandringham had acquired an exciting addition. “It’s a secret bar”, people said, and after a while it was said so often that the secret was out, and folks far and wide all knew about Satya Chai Lounge, tucked down READ MORE

Great bars – Caretaker

There’s something lovely about going underground in high summer. Open the old yellow glass-panelled door to Caretaker and the dark, leather-clad interior wraps you in its cool, comforting arms. Caretaker’s ethos and cocktail list is modelled on classic New York cocktail bars, but rather than ritzy glitz, the design here is all low-key and well-worn. READ MORE

No-knead bread

AKA Your Very Own Vogel’s, because that’s pretty much what this bread is – it has those crumpetty holes to trap melted butter, and plenty of seed action, but it’s weightier and it keeps better, it hasn’t trekked around before landing on your kitchen counter and it has zero additives, of course. READ MORE