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No-knead bread

AKA Your Very Own Vogel’s, because that’s pretty much what this bread is – it has those crumpetty holes to trap melted butter, and plenty of seed action, but it’s weightier and it keeps better, it hasn’t trekked around before landing on your kitchen counter and it has zero additives, of course.

You can play around using different kinds of flour or making a starter so you don’t have to use yeast (kefir works quite well to rise the dough too). Swap out one seed for another, add spices or fruit, do whatever. It’s a pretty forgiving recipe and you’ll know you’ve taken it a step too far becauue it just won’t rise.

400ml warm water

1 tsp honey or brown sugar

1 heaped tsp active dried yeast

2 cups plain or white spelt flour

1 cup wholemeal or whole spelt flour

1 cup total seeds (or nuts, oats and so on. Here I’ve used sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, white chia)

1 tsp Himalayan pink salt


1 Measure warm water in a jug and stir in honey or sugar, then sprinkle yeast over the top and let sit for 10 minutes until the top if frothy.

2 In a very large bowl, combine flours, seeds and salt. make a well and pour in yeasty water. Mix in with wooden spoon. The dough should be wet but not so wet but lumpy (eg not so wet that the top is even/flat).

3 Cover bowl with teatowel (use plastic wrap if the weather is cooler) and place in a warm place depending on the weather. In summer, you’d place it out of sunlight but in winter, you want the warmth of sunlight or a hot water cupboard can be handy.

4 Leave to rise. In winter this might take a good few hours but in summer it might only take 30 minutes.

5 Tip risen dough into a greased or non-stick loaf tin,  using a spatula to scrape out all the remnants. Let it prove for twenty minutes in the loaf tin then heat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius.

6 Bake at 200 for 15 minutes then turn oven down to 180 and bake for another 25-30 minutes.

7 Let cool in tin for ten minutes then turn out.



The centre of the cooked loaf should still be slightly moist but not claggy – if you find it’s too doughy your oven might be different from mine so try giving it a slightly longer cooking time.

Do not forget the salt or think you can just not add it. It needs to be there!







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